NM Con Mujeres defines feminism as a lens that is used to understand the responsibilities toward the sacred system of life.  We believe and are guided by the laws of mother earth – the laws of nature that have been violated to the point of destruction and degradation. Women are the stewards of our water, our land, our air, our seeds and each other.  
Our chant is - It Takes Roots to Resist, Defend, Articulate, Heal and Transform … it is our stories, our experiences and that of our ancestors that are the roots. Our mission is to recreate and co create healthy forms of public coexistence.  
We do this by working towards ending war and militarization; recreating/co creating a feminist restorative/regenerative economy; stopping violence against women and by halting the privatization, commodification of our public services and air/water/land – our mother the earth.

Some of our Stories

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Gloria Ramirez
Jennifer Alejo
Janene Yazzie
Katia Ramirez
cm-CrystalmcCrystal Michelle Cravens
Zakia C. Royster
Lorena Castaneda
Paris Hatcher
Sofia Mulan
Sylvia Lopez

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