Become a SWOP Member!

SWOP’s Mission:gIMG_2432 copy_web copy Working to empower our communities to realize racial and gender equality and social and economic justice. La misión de SWOP: Trabajando para empodedar nuestras comunidades para lograr la igualdad racial y de género, y para justicia sociales y económicos.

What do we ask of our members?

  • To agree with the Mission Statement of SWOP.
  • To participate in the work of the organization, which can include signing petitions, contacting elected officials, or attending community meetings.
  • To nominate and elect members to serve on SWOP’s Board of Directors. To maintain your voting rights as a SWOP member, you must attend 1 out of 3 SWOP General Membership meetings a year, as well as attend 3 board-eligible activities. These may include community events or volunteer opportunities.
  • To work to further your own leadership abilities.
  • To recruit new members for the organization and help them learn more about SWOP.
  • To keep informed about SWOP’s work, meeting times and locations.
  • To respect SWOP members, Board of Directors, staff, and all communities in which the organization is active.

What are my rights as a member?

  • To actively participate in the work, decisions, and activities.
  • To vote and to be heard.
  • To participate in discussions & decisions about our communities.
  • To participate in training in leadership, media, public speaking, and other skills development.
  • To have access to current, relevant, and adequate information in order to make decisions.
  • To run for the Board of Directors after being a member in good standing for a minimum of two years.

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 Thank you for your support of SWOP! Please consider making a donation to help us fulfill our mission!